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Country Rhubarb Wine

Use fresh spring rhubarb and a few other ingredients to make this rhubarb wine recipe. Includes tips on equipment and the full winemaking process.



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About this Recipe

By: Barbi Gardiner

People often think of rhubarb as strictly a springtime treat but if you grow it yourself you’ll know that you can be pulling stalks of it far into the summer.  

Rhubarb grows with relatively little care needed, making it one of my favorite garden staples.  Just be sure to plant in a sunny location for best results.

rhubarb wine

I often cut it back to cook with several times throughout the season. Every growing season I make rhubarb wine, rhubarb refrigerator jam, rhubarb pie, and rhubarb crisp. 

Today I will share with you my foolproof country rhubarb wine recipe. 


Rhubarb Wine Recipe

Use fresh rhubarb to make a clear pink-hued dessert wine.  A delicious light summer wine.

Other Equipment

Everyone knows that wine contains alcohol, but how does it get inside? You make rhubarb wine using a homemade sweet rhubarb juice.

Making country wines, like rhubarb wine, takes a little more thought than making grape wines which naturally contain the perfect balances of sugar, water, wild yeast, tannins. To this recipe we will add things like commercial yeast, and ingredients to stop fermentation to have better control.

I started with a full gallon of rhubarb chunks, and at the end, I had about half a gallon of raw rhubarb syrup.

I strained out the solid rhubarb pieces.  The juice that had been removed was replaced by sugars, and they’d lost much of their bulk.

I used a traditional narrow neck demijohn (carboy), an airlock, and a bung.

rhubarb wine
rhubarb wine

Winemaking equipment

One of the most important pieces of equipment you could have for winemaking is a demi-john (carboy) Other equipments you could invest in are specialist equipment like airlocks, hydrometers, and wine corks and corker from Amazon.

I recycle used wine bottles and sometimes ask my family members to save theirs for me.  Cleaned and sterilized, many can be used indefinitely.  I recommend purchasing sterile wine corks that can be inserted into the neck of any wine bottle.

rhubarb wine

Winemaking can get expensive if you get all the equipment at once. Consider it an investment though, since each bottle of wine you eventually make will cost about a dollar in ingredients.  If you love a glass of wine with dinner, the savings will definitely add up over time.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Prepping the rhubarb

Chop the rhubarb into 1/4 inch slices. Place the chopped rhubarb in a large bowl, glass jar or bucket. 

Step 2
Cover with sugar and stir to coat. Allow the sugar to extract the rhubarb juice for 2-3 days.
Step 3

After 2-3 days, there will be about 1/2 gallon of rhubarb juice or rhubarb syrup. Strain the juice/syrup through a fine mesh strainer and measure the juice.

Step 4

Wash the remaining rhubarb chunks in enough water to make just under a full gallon of liquid. Strain again and add the rhubarb water to the fermentation vessel almost fill it up, leaving a bit of space for the remaining ingredients.

Step 5

Add the winemaking tannin and yeast nutrient and stir to dissolve.

Step 6

After 2-3 days, there will be about 1/2 gallon of rhubarb juice or rhubarb syrup. Strain the juice/syrup through a fine mesh strainer and measure the juice.

Step 7

Allow the rhubarb wine to ferment at room temperature for about 6 weeks. If you choose, rack the wine into another fermentation vessel after about 2 weeks, leaving the sediment behind. This will result in a less cloudy finished wine. 

Step 8

Once fermentation is complete, use a siphon to bottle the wine leaving behind any sediment. While you can drink it immediately, it’s better if you can bring yourself to wait at least a month.

rhubarb wine
rhubarb wine
rhubarb wine
Rhubarb Wine

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