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Free Grenhouse Plans

If you’re looking for some of the best Free Greenhouse Plans, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re like me, you’ve been dreaming of having your own greenhouse.  For me it will be a place to start seedings, experiment with growing more unusual things, and extend the growing season to provide my family with more food throughout the year.

My husband and I are still in the early planning stages and have so far prepared the site where my greenhouse will someday go and have collected a shed full of old windows. We hope to build in the fall. 

 I have to say that I found it frustrating looking for free plans online.  Many sites touted free plans, but when you opened the article often I only found photos of greenhouses with no real plans. So I scoured the internet and Pinterest and came up with these sites that offer Free greenhouse plans, building tutorials and step-by-step guides that include diagrams, illustrations, photos, written building instructions, materials/tools list, and everything else you need to build the perfect greenhouse. I hope you find this useful! 

Affordable Greenhouses


greenhouse plans

This is a little on the small side, measuring 10′ by  8′ and stands about 8 1/2′ tall.  The cost is only about $750 so definately falls into the affordable category. Get the plans here.


free greenhouse plans

This simple greenhouse could easily be completed in a weekend without breaking the bank. See Plans


Many people struggle with the idea of paying hundreds of dollars or more to buy or fabricate a greenhouse. What if you could build a greenhouse for $50? Sounds pretty appealing, right? Get the plans here.


Here is a simplified greenhouse and a great weekend project if you want to get something up quickly. Download the Plans Here



How To Specialist offers plans for a small greenhouse with digital drawings that are easy to see and understand. We like the color coding in the illustrations that help visualize the finished product.


free greenhouse plans

It’s not the cutest greenhouse, but it will effectively get the job done. The plywood lower panels provide warmth and wind protection at the base of the structure. Wooden upper framework anchors thick polyethylene sheeting in place. Get the Plans


This is the perfect greenhouse for someone who has an abundance of bamboo growing on their property? With this how-to guide, they offer you information on the build process as well as what tools you’ll need. See Plans


The ‘big’ greenhouse is going to be a large 10×16 structure. These greenhouse plans are very basic but would certainly do the job and can be built quite affordibly.  See Plans

Hoop Greenhouses


free greenhouse plans

This type of greenhouse is relatively inexpensive to build and can be customized  to what ever size you want.  For plans and TONS of user submitted photos, visit their website


free greenhousse plans

This retractable greenhouse  allows you to give your plants sunlight when they need it, and protect them from the elements at other times. This a a very basic style that can help extend your growing season at a very cheap price.   See Plans


The Door Garden offers plans to build a greenhouse with just $50 worth of supplies. You’ll find detailed pictures, as well as descriptions, here that show how you can make a hoop house that’s perfect for the novice gardener.


Here’s a free plan by PVC Plans for an arched greenhouse that’s completely built out of PVC pipes. Download the free greenhouse PDF plan and you’ll get a material list, diagrams, and written directions.

Arched PVC Greenhouse Plan from PVC Plans


free greenhouse plans

This is a relatively small hoop tunnel greenhouse suitable for a typical back garden, but the principals can be applied to much larger versions with the inclusion of intermediate timber supports.See Plans


This is a 12’x24’ design with a 6’8” ceiling height. You will want to keep the doors open all summer, and closed most of the winter. In total it is just shy of 300 sqft. See Plans

Recycled Bottle Greenhouse


free greenhouse plans

Save those water bottles! Like the idea of turning trash into treasure?  Put those bottles to good use by recycling them in to this unique greenhouse. Learn more about this great little project here

Long Lasting Sturdy Greenhouses


Check out this sturdy greenhouse. Many greenhouses may only last several seasons as temporary solutions but this one will be one that lasts years longer. Get the plans here.


free greenhousse plans

This greenhouse has it all and has been designed to extend the growing season. It’s properly constructed and ventilated to provide the optimal growing environment for your vegetables, fruits, and flowers!  See Plans

Attractive Greenhouses


greenhouse plans

I love these plans because the finished product will stand out in any yard. There are free plans available but you can also purchase more detailed ones for $5. Not bad for the budget conscious. Free Plans


free greenhouse plans

I love this little greenhouse from Mother Earth News.  This little greenhouse doubles as a little get away and is complete with a sleeping loft. This unique little building is solar powered. Read the full article on Mother Earth News


free greenhouse plans

I love this little greenhouse.  It is unique, attractive, makes the most out of reused materials, and is energy efficient. This cute structure was built with reused or recycled materials as much as possible.  See Plans

Geodesic Dome Greenhouses


free greenhouse plans

Looking for something truly unique? I think you’ve found it with this cool structure.  Build this geodesic dome greenhouse by following their plans here.

Reclaimed window greenhouses


free greenhouse plans

Look at this lovely little greenhouse. The owner made it out of antique windows, and paid special attention to detail. Get the tutorial at Liz Marie Blog.


free greenhouse plans

This charming little greenhouse is made from 4 window panels and 2 plywood panels. The authors sealed the plywood walls. See pans.


free greenhouse plans

If a full-size greenhouse is too much for you, you might want to conider this mini-greenhouse.  It’s perfect for seed starting or to extend the growing season for a few plants. See Plans


Don’t throw away those old windows. They can be repurposed into an amazing greenhouse, as this person proves. 

Get the tutorial at Garden Therapy.


free greenhouse plans

This small greenhouse measures  7 ft high x 10 ft deep x 6 ft wide, but really packs a pinch.  AND it was built for only around $300! Get the plans here.


free greenhouse plans

Do you have some old windows lying around? Don’t throw them away. They can handily be repurposed into the perfect greenhouse! While it might take you a bit to find the windows you really need, you too can build this 8’ x 10’ greenhouse on a budget using old windows.  Tip: a great place to find cheap old windows is your local Habitat for Humanity store.  See Plans

Underground Greenhouses


Free greenhouse plans

This is one of my favorite plans and is very detailed. It’s a pretty intriguing set-up that combines the principles of passive solar heating with an earth-sheltered building. But how to make one? Included is a manual on how a walipini works, and how to build it:     See Plans

Lean to greenhouses


free greenhouse plans

I like this greenhouse for its space saving properties. The shape and size it allows you to tuck it along a garage or side wall easily. The top sits just underneath the eaves. It doesn’t take up a lot of extra space, yet still gives you plenty of room for seedling-starting or young plant protection. See Plans


free greenhouse plans

This type of greenhouse is intended to lean up against a long wall of your house or garage.  This greenhouse is constructed of wooden framing and poly sheeting. It’s simple to construct, and should easily hold up to most weather conditions thanks to its angled roof. See Plans


free greenhouse plans

Offered here is a free 85 page manual on things to consider when building a greenhouse.  So there are no plans precisely, but a worthwhile manual with a lot of useful information.  Download manual here


free greenhouse plans

These lean to plns are actually part of a two-part series on YouTube that are very informative.  See Instructions

Free Plans from LSU College of Agriculture


free greenhouse plans

This site offers a variety of greenhouse plans for both small and large greenhouse projects. They offer everything from cold frames to solariums. See Plans

Solar Greenhouses


free greenhouse plans

This is a practical greenhouse that takes excess heat from the roof peak that would normally just be vented outside and uses a water to air heat exchanger to transfer this this heat to a large water tank. The heat stored in the water tank provides heat to the greenhouse on cold nights and cold cloudy days. The same water to air heat exchanger that stores heat is used to distribute heat to the greenhouse. See Plans


free greenhouse plans

If you live in an exceptionally cold climate then this design might be for you. This type of solar greenhouse will allow growing through the winter in a super cold climate without supplemental heating (solar only). See Plans


This is a very nicely done small solar greenhouse.  The design includes double glazing, north wall insulation, water barrel storage, and a passive ventilation system — all of which help to control the winter and summer temperatures.
Andrew used mostly materials from the local Habitat Restore, to keep costs down.
Not complete plans but a lot of useful infomation.  Read More


free greenhouse plans

Very nice set of picture plans for building a true solar greenhouse.  The design uses strawbale construction for the non-glazed walls, and twinwall polycarbonate glazing, and thermal mass to provide a greenhouse that will allow year round gardening in most climates without supplementary heating. See Plans

Straw Bale Greenhouses


free greenhouse plans

Looking to construct a greenhouse from alternative building materials? Here you’ll find a very nice and complete set of plans and pictures for a 10 by 12 foot greenhouse.  Includes the use of 2 walls constructed from strawbales. See Plans


Here you will find a detailed article on building a variety of small load bearing strawbale buildings, including a very nice greenhouse.  Lots of background on strawbale construction, and some how-to detail. Check it Out at article #46 How to get articles from Home Power …

Cold frame Greenhouses


free greenhouse plans

Don’t have the time or energy to invest in a large greenhouse?  With a cold frame, you can get the same benefits of a greenhouse on a smaller scale. This project would e easy to complete in a weekend. See Plans

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